HAPAS Overbanding

Reinstatements in the carriageway failing due to fretted out joints and edges are becoming an every increasing problem to reinstatement companies and councils. These openings in the road allow water to enter and cause damage,which will eventually lead to the road being consideredunsuitable, requiring the costly process of removing and reconstructing the wearing course.

TJ Surfacing have a system that can be used to resolve these issues even once the damage has started to occur, saving the need for full reconstruction, making it extremely cost effective. We use a HAPAS approved system to effectively fill in the voids left in the surface and totally seal the edges to keep the water out. The system we use has many advantages when compared to conventional overbanding, these include being HAPAS approved, being extremely hard wearing and having a very fast cure time, this is a particular advantage when considering traffic management issues.

The images below show how the edges of the reinstatement had fretted out to the extent they were being deemed unsuitable by the council. As the reinstatement was still in guarantee from the contractor, they needed a cost effective solution to the problem, which is where our overbanding and crack infill system proved to be the best option.

After the initial site inspection, we recommended that due to the width of the openings in the surface, the over band should be increased from the normal 40mm to 70mm as this would ensure the full width of the damaged areas were covered. Being able to adjust the width of the over band is a particular advantage as if allows us to treat areas up to 200mm in width. Our system was agreed by both the council and customer as it was cost effective and would also be very high performing, not only restoring the damaged edges, but also providing a very effective over band for future protection. We supplied full traffic management and carried out 1200 linear metres of overbanding in three days.

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