Resin Bonded Access Road

TJ Surfacing were consulted by a developer for a solution to turn their badly damaged access road into a highly decorative surface, without the costly process of full surface reconstruction. After the initial site visit it was clear how damaged the existing road was and a large amount of surface repairs would need to be carried out before any decorative surfaces could be laid.

We suggested to the client that a resin bonded system would be the best option as it would allow us to utilise as much of the existing surface as possible, keeping surface repair costs to a minimum, whilst also leaving a highly decorative and very hard wearing finish. Another particular advantage of resin bonded surfacing is it allows clients to choose an aggregate that suits them and the existing surroundings best. The initial site inspection also showed that there were numerous different set levels within the road that would all need to be graded in together in order to leave a smooth finish.

Once we were given the go ahead we planned the works with the other contractors on site to keep disruption levels to a minimum and ensure they could still access the site. The first task was to prepare and reinstate the trench that had been dug for the services for the new houses. We then moved onto dealing with the number of different levels within existing road. There were numerous concrete slabs left in the road where garages had previously sat, and these all dropped down from one another, creating many different levels to try and grade into one. We managed to bring all these levels together and follow the gradient of the existing road by working down through anumber of different grades of blacktop.

Once the shaping of the road had taken place we carried out a number of patch and crack repairs within the existing surface to provide a good surface for the resin bonded gravel to go on. We also overlaid the existing rough concrete with blacktop to give us a much smoother surface to work with. We then applied a scratch coat to all of the new surfacing we had installed, this allows the resin to be laid over the new blacktop the next day, eliminating the need to wait up to 28 days for the blacktop to fully cure.

We then carried out a very intense clean off of the whole area to ensure all dirt and debris were removed prior to the resin being applied. We then applied the resin bonded surfacing using the aggregates chosen by the client. Once this had taken place the overall appearance of the road dramatically changed in a very short space of time, leaving a very aesthetically pleasing surface.

The total area of the project was 1150 square metres and was completed in 10 days. Using the resin bonded surfacing not only provided a highly decorative surface but was also extremely cost effective as we estimated the saving in not needing to remove and fully reconstruct the whole area was in the region on £50,000.

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