Resin Bonded Driveway

With resin bonded surfacing becoming an ever increasingly popular surface choice for private driveways, TJ Surfacing were appointed by a private property owner to convert their standard gravelled driveway into a highly decorative resin bonded driveway.

After the initial site inspection we were able to identify that a very substantial part of the driveway had a suitable base underneath the existing gravel to lay resin bonded surfacing on top off, which saved the costly process of resurfacing the whole base of the driveway first. Though there was one area of the driveway that was only built up of type 1 stone, which is not a suitable base for resin bonded gravel.

The first process of the job was to remove all of the existing gravel, all of which we took away ourselves. We then used our road sweeper to clean off the existing surface and remove all mud and dirt that had built up over time. Once this process was complete we could see further that the existing base was perfectly suitable for the application of resin bonded gravel.

We then moved onto the area of the drive that was only built up of stone. We firstly reduced the level of the stone so that finished surface would meet the rest of the driveway. We then constructed a solid surface on top of the existing stone using tarmacadam, leaving the entire driveway ready for the application of the resin bonded surfacing.

After one final clean off to ensure all dirt and dust had been removed, it was time to lay the resin bonded gravel. This process is very similar to that of anti skid surfacing, where a resin is applied onto the surface and then aggregate is broadcast over until all of the resin is covered. Once the resin has cured the existing stone is swept off leaving a highly decorative surface. The customer specifically chose rhine gold aggregate for this project, though a vast range of aggregates are available. We also recommended a clear resin to be used as this further enhances the aesthetics of the finished surface.

The total area of the driveway was 680 square metres and the whole project was completed within 5 days.

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