Anti-Skid Surfacing In The Workplace

Due to the highest number of accidents within the workplace being caused by slips and falls, many companies are now choosing to have anti skid applied to their steps and any other potentially slippery areas to minimize the risk of people slipping over.

TJ Surfacing can offer a anti-skid/non-slip surfacing to steps etc that are slippery and cause a potential safety hazard. With safety of the public becoming more and more important to councils, anti skid surfacing on steps is also becoming increasingly popular on the steps leading down to subways, this is because these can very often present a potential hazard when slippery.

TJ Surfacing are able to apply anti skid surfacing to steps of almost any existing material, this includes wood, metal and tiles. We are able to apply the surface treatment to the steps in-situ and with minimal preparation works, meaning we can instantly lay over existing steps providing they are structurally sound. Due to the minimal amount of preparation needed, this method has great advantages with regards to keeping disruption levels to a minimum and ensuring access is blocked for the shortest amount of time possible.

The application of anti skid surfacing to steps entails applying a MMA resin onto the existing surface, to which aggregate is broadcast over. Many aggregate choices are available, with 1mm stone being the most popular choice, as it will leave absolutely no 'kicks' in the surface. By using an MMA resin the curing time is greatly reduced, which means we can work within a very short time window and work at a time that keeps disruption levels to a minimum. Another huge advantage of using an MMA resin is that it can be applied to almost any material, this means existing tiled or wooden steps do not need to go through the costly and time consuming process of constructing a more suitable base first, which once again keeps disruption levels to an absolute minimum whilst also being extremely cost effective.

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