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We provide anti-skid surfacing in London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, Sussex and throughout the South East.

Anti Skid road surfacing, often also referred to as high friction surfacing, is a road surface used to improve the skid resistance value (SRV) of areas subjected to heavy braking, i.e. traffic light approaches, road junctions, roundabouts and pelican crossings; it is also used for traffic calming and demarcation.

The surface is constructed of a two part epoxy resin and calcined bauxite stone, which is available in a wide range of colours for many applications. Anti skid surfacing can be applied either by hand or machine, though a machine is only necessary for very large areas. The two part resin is heated, mixed and evenly spread over the surface being laid over; the bauxite is then broadcast over the surface, ensuring no resin is left uncovered. Once the resin has cured, which typically takes around three hours, any excess stone is swept from the surface, either by hand or by a mechanical sweeper, leaving the surface ready for trafficking.

Comprehensive anti-skid surfacing

We specialise in providing a comprehensive anti-skid surfacing service, which ranges from reinstatement small works and repairs, through to full size areas. We have a particularly large client base within the utilities sector, carrying out repairs to trenches/patches/road markings, and are used to working within short time scales to comply with highway permits and notices. As there are many colour variations i.e. there are currently four different shades of red and three green used on London highways, our comprehensive supply chains allow us to ensure the best colour match to the existing surrounding surface.

We also have the ability to lay over new black-top, this is imperative when working to highway permits/notices, allowing jobs to be shut down as permanent, saving the need for interim notices. This also gives us the ability to work within existing traffic management, though no traffic management on site is not an issue as we can supply our own for use by ourselves and for hire.

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