Cycle Super Highways

We can provide, install and repair cycle super highways in London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, Sussex and throughout the South East and nationwide.

MMA Safetrack and Sky Blue bauxite are currently being using on the London Cycle Super highway scheme to highlight the cycle super highway lanes. MMA Saftetrack is a liquid applied, UV stable and slip resistant surface coating used for the demarcation of the cycle lanes in areas that do not require high friction surfacing.

Though many of the cycle super highway lanes do not pass through areas of high braking, many do, and therefore require high friction surfacing. These areas have been surfaced with conventional anti skid surfacing, the only difference being the bauxite stone used has been dyed 'Sky Blue', resulting in a high friction surface which also provides demarcation of the cycle lanes.

Currently we are carrying out repairs on the London Cycle Super highway Scheme using RAL5015 material, approved by TFL, for both areas where high friction surfacing is required and cycle lanes not requiring a high friction surface. As with the existing surfaces, we are reinstating the areas that do not require high friction surfacing with MMA safetrack and in the areas that do, we are using Sky Blue bauxite.

We are also currently removing and installing new Cycle Super Highway logos together with our sister companies TJ Roadmarkings and TJ Hydroblasting.

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