HAPAS MMA Over-Banding

We provide, install and repair HAPAS MMA Over-Banding in London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, Sussex and throughout the South East and nationwide.

When bituminous materials join one another, i.e. when trenches/patches are reinstated, the joins between the existing and new surface shouldn't, but often do fail. These failed joints can leave openings in the surface, which allows water to enter and cause structural damage.

Over-banding is an effective way of sealing and filling these voids, which will help to extend the life of a surface by preventing water to enter and cause deterioration. Over-banding can be used for cracks in both asphalt and concrete and should be applied to failed joints as soon as possible to prevent further water damage.

TJ Surfacing use a HAPAS approved MMA over-banding system which has many benefits when compared to conventional bitumen over-banding. This system has a much higher skid resistance value and is a non-glare material and therefore is much safer for use on public highways. MMA over-banding is also a much more durable and harder wearing material and therefore will not begin to fail over time.

As the system we are currently using is HAPAS approved, it can be used anywhere on the highways.

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