Imprinted Asphalt

We provide, install and repair imprinted asphalt in London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, Sussex and throughout the South East and nationwide.

Imprinted Asphalt is a synthetic asphalt overlay system which can be imprinted with many different prints to give the aesthetics of a block paved/cobbled surface whilst combining the properties of a high quality asphalt surface, the surface also has none of the maintenance issues and problems associated with block paving. Imprinted Asphalt is available in a wide range of colours and patterns, making it suitable for a number of applications, these range from; traffic calming tables through to full carriageways where a block paving look is desired.

The application process involves heating the material until workable, spreading it level over the prepared surface at the required depth, and then pressing the print pattern into the hot material, the surface is then left to cool and harden and is ready for vehicle trafficking after one hour.

TJ Surfacing install imprinted asphalt for new applications in addition to carrying out repairs/reinstatement to damaged imprinted asphalt. When carrying out reinstatement works we are able to ensure the existing pattern and colour is replicated in the area being repaired, ensuring the reinstated area joins in with the existing surface as well as possible.

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