Micro Trenching

We provide, install and repair micro trenching in London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, Sussex and throughout the South East and nationwide.

Micro trenching is a relatively new, faster and cost effective method being used for installing fibre optic cables underneath carriageways. Micro trenching involves cutting a trench through the surface, usually around 20mm wide and 100-400mm deep, in which fibre optic cables are then laid.

This method is being favoured by many companies for a number of reasons; the main one being that the level of disruption caused compared to conventional methods of installing cables beneath carriageways is much lower.

Once micro trenching has taken place, a small trench is left in the carriageway and must be repaired, TJ Surfacing are able to reinstate micro trenches using a HAPAS approved system. The material used is free flowing and self compacting, which ensures the entire trench is filled and the structure of the highway is not affected.

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