Resin Bonded Surfacing

We provide, install and repair resin bonded surfacing in London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, Sussex and throughout the South East and Nationwide. Please see our Domestic Driveways page for domestic resin bonded surfacing.

Resin Bonded surfacing or commonly known as resin bonded gravel, is a highly decorative, low maintenance and hard wearing surfacing option that can be used to totally transform the appearance of a surface in a very short space of time. Resin bonded surfacing can be used for a vast range of applications; these include driveways, pathways and car parks. Resin bonded surfacing has many advantages when compared to other decorative surfacing options, these included; being very cost effective, being extremely hard wearing, therefore the gravel will not loosen over time, and being able to be installed with minimal preparation works.

Resin bonded surfacing entails bonding natural aggregates to asphalt or concrete, leaving the appearance of loose gravel without any of the associated problems. The system consists of two key components, resin and aggregate, which is available in a vast range of colours and sizes, which allows us to achieve the exact finish the customer is looking for. Provided the existing surface is in a reasonable condition, resin bonded surfacing can be applied straight away without the need to lift ironworks or install path edgings, which is where it proves to be a very cost effective option.

We install resin bonded surfacing for reinstatement and repairs through to completely new surfaces. As with our other services, we carry out a large amount of reinstatement to surfaces unknown to the client; therefore we can attend a site and identify a surface to ensure the best possible match is achieved. Our comprehensive supply chain ensures we are able to source the closest possible match to the existing surface.

In addition to reinstatement and repairs, we also provide resin bonded surfacing for much larger areas such as decorative driveways and pathways. Again our comprehensive supply chain is a great advantage as it allows customers to select the exact finish they desire, ensuring the new surface fits in with any existing surroundings to provide a highly decorative finish. With this service we are also able to carry out any substrate repairs/preparation works including any excavation and the construction of a suitable tarmac base.

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